Keeping up with the Joneses in Silicon Valley

Everyone seems to want in on the ‘build a new HQ’ bandwagon. Is it time to buy a Silicon Valley construction company?


New Samsung HQ in San Jose

New Samsung HQ in San Jose


New Googleplex

New Googleplex





Facebook's new HQ

Facebook’s new HQ

and of course…”One Ring to Bring Them All And In The Darkness Bind Them

Apple's spaceship HQ

Apple’s new HQ


Ever wonder how people hold their smartphones?

You should be if you’re developing an application that’s at all related to mobile. How users hold their device is a major factor in UX. Steven Hoober has put together a great summary of his research and observations on the topic. Check it our here.

How do users hold their smartphones?

Credit: Steven Hoober (@shoobe01)


Mobile data volume doubled in 2012

Building on the data Cisco released earlier this month, Ericsson has issued a report also showing the dramatic growth mobile data is experiencing.

  • Data volume on mobile networks doubled globally between Q4 2011 and Q4 2012
  • Between Q3 and Q4 of 2012, data volumes over cellular connections grew 28%

Read the full report here [pdf]

David Meyer also has a good article summarizing the report on GigaOM

Microsoft Surface Pro: An interesting device in search of a user?

An interesting article that seems to pretty much sum up the Surface Pro’s positioning. However, I’d love to hear from anyone who’s actually purchased one and is using it regularly.

What do you think about the Surface Pro?

Article from The Next Web, by Alex Wilhelm

Microsoft Surface Pro

Surface Pro – a device looking for a user?